Post Office Box Street Addresses

By Terry Fleming - last updated 08/05/2019

On occasion a post office box address cannot be used for documents that require a physical address. One example is Arizona's application for incorporation. Articles of Incorporation require a physical address.

mailbox bursting with lettersUsing your home address is one option. If you do not wish to use your home address for the application, (your home address would become available to the public), you can still use your PO Box address to complete the application.

Since 2012, the USPS has allowed the use of the street address where the Post Office Box is located, followed by the box number. This is referred to as a PO Box Street Address (PBSA).

For example:
     PO Box 3094
     Collierville, TN 38027

may also be written as the street address:
     131 S Center St #3094
     Collierville, TN 38027

If the correct format is not used, mail could be returned to the sender.

1) Not all Post Offices offer PBSA. Check with your local post office.
2) You will need to fill out a customer agreement form.

For P.O. Box holders who wish to utilize the PBSA option, a customer agreement must first be completed that defines the allowable uses of the PBSA. You can download the customer agreement HERE.

To learn more about PBSA, read the Guide to Post Office Box Street Addresses (PBSA) January 2017 V 1.1.