Do you need software to keep patient accounts? Look no further. Best Practice Management has an Access based Database that will allow you to keep patient demographic, insurance, and appointment information all in one place. Our Database will allow you to print demographic forms, invoices, and envelops to mail correspondence to patients; run reports to help you do account audits; and keep the most current patient information at your fingertips. Easy to use and created by billing professionals, this database has everything you need to help you keep your patient accounts in order. We can customize the database to suit your practice, adding your logo and information to invoices.

Since this Database is built using Microsoft Access, you can put it on a SharePoint server and multiple users in multiple locations can access the same database.

$300 for the database and initial setup.

Tutorial videos:

BPM Database Part 1 - Introduction to the Database

BPM Database Part 2 - Reports